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The Weird Car on the Road

August 14, 2014 / by zippy1

We satiate our wanderlust by hitting the road on our bikes and we have had several experiences that we have often shared with one and all. However, it there is a story that left us as curious as a cat, it is this one.


Husband and Wife Harley Road Tripping

As we rode on the highway we found ourselves following an SUV with a bike on the hitch bike rack mounted on the car. With the bike rack, we knew that it was this car we came across time and again and the funny part is that never did we see anyone inside it – not while the car was in motion but when it was parked and strangely it was always parked at the very place that we stopped to get a breather.

When we first encountered the car on the highway, we assumed that it was a family going on a vacation. You would see a lot of car with bike racks on the highway. It is not something unusual but there was something very different about this car. The car had windows with incredibly thick films making it impossible to see inside except from the front.

Tinted SUV

Tinted Windows SUV

As we rode behind the car, we decided to stop a few miles down the street at this restaurant we knew to have a pint and some lunch. The car had taken the exit a few miles before the restaurant. We go there, parked out bike only to find the very same car parked there. Knowing the roads in the area well, I was pretty sure that there was no other way to get to the restaurant. I looked around and found no one in the restaurant except the friendly manager who was dancing attendance on his guests. I let it go.

I cleaned up my Harley and we hit the road again. We had to stop on the way to ease ourselves and as we did so, the SUV whizzed past us. A little curious, I went full throttle but could never find that dreaded car with the black bike rack. A few miles down the road as I stopped at the gas station, I saw the same car again, taking off from the supermarket ahead. Once again, curiosity got the better of me and I got my engines to roar. When you have a Harley with you, you are pretty sure of catching up with any vehicle on the roads and yet again, that never happened. The SUV was nowhere to be found.

At the base of the hill where we planned to set up camp in the night, once again I saw the black car parked. I walked toward it and knocked. No reply. I peeked inside using my hands in a concave form to look through the black. I saw no one and nothing in that SUV. Usually families carry a lot of stuff with them and there was nowhere around where they could have possibly taken their stuff to. I was getting a little spooked and decided to take a look around. Perhaps there is a farmhouse I never knew of.

I searched for an hour and eliminated any possibility of any kind of a construction in that area. I went back and saw the SUV again. I wanted to stay up all night, just to see the owner of the vehicle but being 12 hours on the road meant extreme lassitude and so I fell asleep. The morning after, I woke up at 5 AM, much to not miss the car but it wasn’t there. I asked my partner who is not a very hard sleeper and she said she had heard nothing.

A few days later as we got back to the town again and parked our bikes in the parking of our apartment, spookily enough I saw that car parked on the opposite street. I turned around and told my partner I’d be right back and started walking towards the other side of the road only to find there was nothing there.