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Motorcycle Loader Haulers Are Better For Vacation

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HogHauler-Single-Motorcycle.216111244_stdMotorcycle haulers are the best option when you are traveling on vacation. Many of the reasons people choose to haul their bikes on motorcycle haulers include the comfort, weather conditions, and more. If you are planning a vacation and thinking about riding the entire way, you might want to consider driving and hauling your bike with you.

Take You Motorcycle Along For The Trip

Today it is common to see many motorcycle haulers at a bike rally. People enjoy the ability to ride when they want and to drive in the car also. A long road trip can be uncomfortable on a motorcycle for the driver and the passenger. Riding in a car allows you to sit back and relax. You can listen to music, enjoy the air conditioner or heater, and have access to items like a cell phone, laptop, and even a beverage. There are accessories you can buy for a motorcycle that allow you to have access to a beverage and listen to the radio. However, the comfort factor of driving a vehicle surpasses the bike. Motorcycle loader haulers are becoming very popular.

It Provides More Space

Another reason people prefer taking haulers trailers with them on vacation is because it gives you more space for the trip. If you plan on doing a lot of shopping on the vacation, you will be able to store all of the items in the enclosed motorcycle hauler. In addition, you can place your entire luggage and needs in the hauler as well. This gives you more space and comfort on the ride. Many people like to use motorcycle haulers on vacation because it allows them to bring along another toy like a four wheeler. Not only can they enjoy the open air riding a motorcycle but they can also go off road on their ATV when they want to. The space of motorcycle loader haulers allows you to bring the fun with you and have a lot of space. If you plan on a cheap vacation or camping trip, hauling the motorcycle allows you to fold the seats down on the car and sleep in the car so you save money on a hotel room.

Weather Conditions

One of the biggest reasons people like to use haulers on their vacation is because of weather conditions. You can never guarantee the weather is going to be perfect for an entire vacation. It never fails when you take your bike on vacation; you get caught in the rain on some remote highway. Motorcycle haulers trailers allow you to ride your motorcycle in the nice weather and be able to travel comfortable in a dry environment in a vehicle when the weather is poor.

Motorcycle haulers are an excellent option if you own a motorcycle and want to take it with you on vacation. If you plan on packing all of your needs on your bike, you will be extremely limited on your trip. Motorcycle loader haulers allow for total comfort, plenty of space, and ensure you won’t get caught in the rain. You can buy used and new haulers at excellent prices on the web through auctions, in your local newspaper, and through retail stores.

The Weird Car on the Road

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We satiate our wanderlust by hitting the road on our bikes and we have had several experiences that we have often shared with one and all. However, it there is a story that left us as curious as a cat, it is this one.


Husband and Wife Harley Road Tripping

As we rode on the highway we found ourselves following an SUV with a bike on the hitch bike rack mounted on the car. With the bike rack, we knew that it was this car we came across time and again and the funny part is that never did we see anyone inside it – not while the car was in motion but when it was parked and strangely it was always parked at the very place that we stopped to get a breather.

When we first encountered the car on the highway, we assumed that it was a family going on a vacation. You would see a lot of car with bike racks on the highway. It is not something unusual but there was something very different about this car. The car had windows with incredibly thick films making it impossible to see inside except from the front.

Tinted SUV

Tinted Windows SUV

As we rode behind the car, we decided to stop a few miles down the street at this restaurant we knew to have a pint and some lunch. The car had taken the exit a few miles before the restaurant. We go there, parked out bike only to find the very same car parked there. Knowing the roads in the area well, I was pretty sure that there was no other way to get to the restaurant. I looked around and found no one in the restaurant except the friendly manager who was dancing attendance on his guests. I let it go.

I cleaned up my Harley and we hit the road again. We had to stop on the way to ease ourselves and as we did so, the SUV whizzed past us. A little curious, I went full throttle but could never find that dreaded car with the black bike rack. A few miles down the road as I stopped at the gas station, I saw the same car again, taking off from the supermarket ahead. Once again, curiosity got the better of me and I got my engines to roar. When you have a Harley with you, you are pretty sure of catching up with any vehicle on the roads and yet again, that never happened. The SUV was nowhere to be found.

At the base of the hill where we planned to set up camp in the night, once again I saw the black car parked. I walked toward it and knocked. No reply. I peeked inside using my hands in a concave form to look through the black. I saw no one and nothing in that SUV. Usually families carry a lot of stuff with them and there was nowhere around where they could have possibly taken their stuff to. I was getting a little spooked and decided to take a look around. Perhaps there is a farmhouse I never knew of.

I searched for an hour and eliminated any possibility of any kind of a construction in that area. I went back and saw the SUV again. I wanted to stay up all night, just to see the owner of the vehicle but being 12 hours on the road meant extreme lassitude and so I fell asleep. The morning after, I woke up at 5 AM, much to not miss the car but it wasn’t there. I asked my partner who is not a very hard sleeper and she said she had heard nothing.

A few days later as we got back to the town again and parked our bikes in the parking of our apartment, spookily enough I saw that car parked on the opposite street. I turned around and told my partner I’d be right back and started walking towards the other side of the road only to find there was nothing there.

Avoiding Back Pain When Traveling

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I tend to make a lot of travel plans throughout the year, and traveling a lot can really have its downfalls.  Most of my travel is for business purposes, so I am not usually out of pocket a whole lot of money, which is what some people say is one of the worst things about frequent travel.  I would have to say that my chief complaint used to be my back pain.  I would travel, and it would cause my back to hurt severely.  That was, until I learned about inversion table exercises and started giving them a try.

How an inversion table can help your back

The inversion table will actually help you in a variety of different ways.  Inversion can really help to relieve your back pain, because it allows you to move into certain positions to stretch the muscles in your back.  Many of these positions would be next to impossible for you to get into without the help of a table.  Many chiropractors even use this tool to help their patients alleviate their pain in their back, and it could work for you as well.

Types of inversion table exercises

Now, we will take a look at some of the exercises that have actually been able to help me.  First, I was able to do inverted crunches.  This is actually where you invert your body to a 90 degree angle, and then do crunches.  They are fun, and they don’t feel anything like a regular crunch.  You can even invert just halfway, at 45 degrees, and still have great results.

Another great exercise that I tried was the side bend.  This is where you invert yourself again to 90 degrees, or even further if you can handle it.  You then slightly bend your body to one side, and then the other.  It can really help you to stretch those achy and sore muscles in your back, thus helping to alleviate your back pain. If you’re interested i buiying an inversion table here are some inversion table reviews.

Should you buy an inversion table?

It may be a good investment for you to buy an inversion table, especially if you do a lot of traveling.  While you can just go to the chiropractor, you will be able to take advantage of using your table much more often if you just buy one for home.  You can use it as needed, and you are sure to find that it brings you a whole lot of relief.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why an inversion table might be a great investment.  You don’t want to let your back pain go untreated, because it could lead to some serious health concerns down the road.  The key is to make sure that you focus on ways that you can alleviate the pain without having to drug yourself up with narcotic pain relievers.  Do as I did, and let these inversion table exercises make a difference for your back.  After all, your travel should be fun, not painful.

Best Summer Destination Trips on the Hog

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#1)  The number one place to go in the summer is Orlando, Florida.  While you are here, you have to stop and check out the Orlando Motorcycle Salon.  You’ll get an opportunity to see some of the latest and greatest motorcycles.  It is located at the Orlando County Convention Center.  A great feature about this popular destination is that it has a lot of family attractions and campgrounds.  You can bring your entire family for some fun in the sun.bikershades

#2)  Sturgis Motorcycle Rally-  The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally takes place in August every year.  The beautiful trip includes a hike to the Black Hills of South Dakota.

#3)  Blue Ridge Parkway-  Blue Ridge Parkway is a breathtaking tail in Virginia.  The trail includes twisty roads and plenty of campgrounds.  It is a 469 mile long trip and goes along the Appalachian Mountain chain.

#4)  Washington-  Washington has some of the top choices for motorcyclists because of the picture-perfect Pacific coast.  The most popular trail in the entire state is probably North Cascades Highway.  It is important to make note that it is common for the trail to be closed from November to March.  Another top choice is the High Road which runs from Portland to Seattle.  This is the best option for someone who wants to ride in the mountains and feel like they are at one with nature.  You won’t have to worry about running into heavily populated areas or McDonalds when you are on this trail.

#5)  The Granite State-  New Hampshire is a popular place to go motorcycle riding in the Northeast.  An overall great ride is on the Kancamagus Scenic Byway.  This trail runs from Conway to North Woodstock and provides the ideal blend of scenery and outstanding foliage in the fall.  If you go during the fall, you can expect to see an amazing blend of reds, oranges, and yellows.

#6)  Daytona Beach-  The second destination in Florida for motorcycle rides is Daytona Beach.  The best part about this destination is the bright sunshine, beautiful beaches, and attractions.  You can visit all of the top attractions by riding the loop.  Don’t forget your Ray Ban sunglasses as this place is always very sunny.

#7)  Adirondack Mountains-  A top place to go riding in New York is the Adirondack Mountains.  New York might be known for its bright city; but the Adirondack Mountains are absolutely amazing.  They are located in upstate New York and you won’t have to worry about running into a ton of people.  You should definitely do this ride in the summer because it gets ice cold in this region during the winter.

#8)  Lexington, Kentucky-  If you want to go on a beautiful bike ride that is filled with blue grass, you should check out Lexington, Kentucky.  A popular trail in Lexington is traveling on 89.  While you are in this city, you should also stop in a local diner and get some food.  Some of the best food can be found in the state of Kentucky. Make sure to fuel up your Harley as there are long stretches of road in between.

#9)  Tombstone, Arizona- Tombstone is a good place to ride if you are looking for something spooky.  Tombstone is known for being a ghost town.  And the emptiness will definitely give you the creeps. Make sure to bring a misting fan on this trip, because temperatures can get well above 100 degrees in the summer time.

#10)  Forkland, Alabama-  Forkland is a top destination for people who like to look at water while they ride.  It is filled with national parks and is home to the Bama Bike Fest Summer Motorcycle Rally.  The rally takes place towards the beginning of July and has live music, alcoholic beverages, and a wet t-shirt contest.

Road Trip: Motorcycling Across the South United States

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Road Trip:  Motorcycling Across the South United States

Road trips are exciting, and something that every biker will want to do at least once in their lifetime, however, for many people this is the ideal way to spend months at a time. Travelling by motorcycle has become one of the most popular ways to travel, and there are some incredible benefits. People are craving adventure, and unique experiences, which road trips can provide.

There are remarkably few regions that offer as much as the South as it is packed full of culture, beauty and history. With so much to see, one road trip may not be enough; however, you can always return at a later date. Many things will leave a lasting impression on your mind and ensure that you enjoy every moment. Charleston and Savannah make excellent bookends for your journey, and although some backtracking is required, every moment is worth the trip.

If you start in Charleston, you can begin where the edge of the historical district begins, following the stunning architecture. Across the harbor, you will see Fort Sumter, where the first ever shot was fired during the Civil war. Shrimp is unbeatable in this area and provides the ultimate fuel for the next leg of your journey.

If you ever get a chance to go on a Navy ship, you will be mesmerized by how large these things are.  With commercial air compressors the size of trucks, these are truly a great sight to see.

Heading out of this amazing city, you can follow Route 17 southbound to the Angel Oak, which is about 37 kilometers along the road. This breathtaking 65 foot oak tree is estimated to be over 300 years old and is somewhere enjoyable to stop. Continuing along Route 17 there is plenty to see and do until you turn onto Highway 174.

Travelling down the oak lined street into Edisto Island, you will immediately love the peace, and tranquillity that is offered. You can visit the Serpentarium, which is home to many reptiles that are native to the area. There is also a stunning beach for you to explore before you carry on your road trip and head to Beaufort.

This is south Carolinas second oldest city, and before the Civil War was considered to be the wealthiest towns in the country. The astonishing plantation houses still stand today, and offer many places to rest for the night. After riding all day, you will be in need of a hot shower and comfortable bed before you set off in the morning.

Moving on to St Helena Island the next day, you can explore the intriguing museum that has preserved many of the features that would have been available hundreds of years ago. The rooms are brimming with woodwork, sculptures, and paintings by local artists. Leaving Beaufort, you will find yourself on Route 82 heading for the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge.

This nature reserve is beautiful and offers 4,000 acres of stunning untouched land for you to enjoy and explore. As you head for Savannah, there is so much to see that you can easily spend days here exploring what is on offer. There are several routes throughout the South, but this is considered one of the best. You will enjoy this route through the spring and fall as the summer months are often too hot.



Finding Americas Best Art Museums

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Finding Americas Best Art Museums

     When traveling the country on our motorcycles, one of our favorite things to do is to travel to some of the largest art museums on the road.   In the past 5 years we have seen 12 of the best art museums in the nation.  While we won’t go into specifics comparing the Met Museum vs. The Art Institue of Chicago, we would more like to give an overview of some of the ways that we go about planning our trips.deletttte

 When you make the decision to take in art museums you will certainly want to know which ones are going to be the best.   There is no reason for you to pay for admission to an art museum that you are not going to enjoy.  It is always best to take some time to learn about what the art museum is going to have in it as well.  At least then you will know if the museum even has something that will interest you in the first place.  With the internet being so easily accessible you will see that it has never been easier to log on and see what different museums have to offer.

            As you start to search for Americas best art museums you will see that the internet is the best place to look.  This is the fastest way for you to get the information that you are looking for.  Many times you will even see a top 10 list of museums.  Lists like this are not hard to come by at all and they will offer you a great deal of information.  This should always be your starting point when you are searching for the best.

Some of the greatest art that we have seen is not at actual museums but it is outside.  The walls of the famous “City as Canvas” display in New York, which depict art created by paint sprayers, is one of the coolest things that one can see.   Great thing is that many of this stuff has now made it inside of today’s top museums.

            Another way to find some of the best art museums in America would be to carry out a search related to the city or state that you are visiting.  Most of the time if you look up a city or a state you will be able to find the chamber of commerce site.  Once you are there you will be able to look for a tab that talks about points of interest.  Within this tab you will see that there could be art museums listed.  After you find these you will be able to look them up online and find out as much information as possible.

Are you planning on staying in a hotel when you get to your location?  If so then you are going to be at a great advantage.  Staff at the hotel will have access to all of the sites and major tourist attractions.  If you are having a hard time finding something to do, or an art museum to visit, you will simply want to visit the hotel staff.  They will be very helpful and they can always link you to some of the best attractions out there.

Never forget to read through reviews related to the museums that you find.  Again, these are very easy to find if you look on the internet.  These are necessary to help you determine what others thought about the museum before you go.  It will also be necessary for you to find out other specific information about the museum such as if they have a cafeteria, what you may have to pay to go in, the friendliness of the staff and if the location is kid friendly.  All of this information can be very helpful as you try to decide which one of the best art museums you want to visit.