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Life on the Road

October 25, 2016 / by zippy1

Your genetics load the gun. Your lifestyle pulls the trigger.

Life on the Road

When it is in your blood to be on the road, you are looking at adventure every single minute of your life. As a kid when you first learnt to ride a balance bike, the glint in your eye came alive upon the sight of a clear road. This means that you were born to ride and go places that wouldn’t be preferred by the society in general. You might even be viewed as an outlaw and mothers might ask their kids to stay away from you. You have the muscle to go the distance and you have the heart to love your journey. There is nothing better than to set your own norms and hit the roads with a group of friends and stay on the road for the rest of your life.

On the Road

When you choose to live an alternate lifestyle – one that involved late night clubbing, dusty jackets, worn out bones, alcohol, cigarettes, fights, parties, camping and riding, there is so much that you learn about life and people. The most important lessons are learnt on the road. Spiritual growth is faster when you visit various places and meet different people.

When you set out for a long journey on the road, going through different cities and towns, you come across people from all walks of life. You would find a saint with bulging biceps and tattoos all over their body, a cowboy with no inclination toward working in the farm, a bartender with a MBA and a blonde who can play the mouthorgan and guitar at the same time.

The people you meet and interact with would play an important part in the lessons you would learn. The second aspect is that of the nightlife. The night surely comes alive with the sound of music at places far from home. If you are there, you learn about drugs, wasted lives, strained relationships, lost love, depression, distant memories and fatal accidents. Emotions run high in the nights and if you are at the right places, you get to explore the depth of emotions that rule the lives of many around the globe.

They say that it is always about the journey rather than the destination and it sure is. Going through various cultures brings you close to God and helps you understand spirituality in a much better way. You get to know the meanings of various symbols, you feel God when you almost miss a fatal injury, you get to know about courage and most importantly you get to know about joy. You marvel in the lap of nature with the sky above you and the wind in your hair. For some brief moments, you are transformed into the kid learning to ride a balance bike.