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Leather Chaps For The Woman Who Rides

November 19, 2014 / by zippy1

C766F_0098What’s the image you see in your head when you think of ladies leather chaps? Most people probably see a cowgirl, maybe in the Old West time, riding a horse, outfitted in full western gear. And while that’s certainly one context in which you might find a woman wearing chaps, there’s also another modern-day use for them: riding motorcycles. They’re used both for rider protection as well as a fashion statement.

What Are Chaps?

For those who aren’t sure what chaps are, they’re those sturdy coverings for a person’s legs that consist of a belt holding up leggings. These chaps are buckled on over the wearer’s trousers using the integrated belt. However, unlike trousers, chaps don’t have a seat, and the two legs aren’t joined at the crotch.

What They Can Be Used For

Ladies leather chaps are designed to provide the woman with protection for her legs. They have traditionally been associated with the cowboy culture of the West, used when the woman was on horseback, especially riding through brushy terrain. Today they’re still worn when a woman rides a horse, but usually for show use or for practical work situations. And of course, they’re now used for riding the modern-day “horse,” i.e., the motorcycle.

The Different Styles

You can find chaps in many different styles and with varying details. There are full-length chaps which are attached at the waist and which have the seat missing (allowing contact with the saddle), and which fully cover the rider’s legs. There are also half chaps, worn only on the lower legs. Usually chaps come fitted with either Velcro or a zipper down the outside of the leg. They have a strap beneath the foot, fastening them into place.

The better ladies chaps are available in high-quality leather, and come with various shapes and designs. Some options available include ultra-suede fringed chaps (made to protect from snowy and windy weather); tone-half chaps (made for comfortable riding, and easy to wash) Icon ladies kitty chaps, which feature full-length zips that allow for easy removal and Elite colored half chaps, that come in a wide range of colors (but not used for professional shows).


It seems easier to find chaps in any possible size than it often is to find clothing. Any retailer that sells medium or large chaps almost also sells the xl, xs and even the xxs sizes. So whatever your size, you can find chaps to fit your situation.

Purchase Chaps Online

In fact, it’s easy to find any kind of chaps you want, thanks to the Internet. No longer do you need to be close to a store that specializes in items for motorcyclists or horse riders. The Internet brings these specialty dealers to you–and affordably so.

So are ladies leather chaps right for you? If you want to ride horse in a work situation, you’ll certainly need them. And if you want to ride motorcycle, and look sexy while doing it with a stylish ladies leather jacket, then you too will benefit from buying and wearing them. So giddyup, partner, and check out what’s available in women’s chaps.